Hallmark Gold Crown

Business Opportunities

What are the average start-up costs to install a Gold Crown Store-in-a-Store? 

While the costs will vary depending upon size of department and products chosen to carry, the initial costs typically range from $15,000 to $30,000 to install a Store-in-a-Store. Additional details and specifics on cost are discussed early in the opening process.


Does Hallmark grant exclusive territories to its retailers?

No, there are no exclusive territories. Hallmark evaluates each location and each retailer to put the best retailer in the best location to maximize sales for both the retailer and Hallmark.


Are there franchise fees associated with opening a Hallmark Gold Crown Store-in-a-Store?

No, Hallmark card shops are independently owned and operated and there are no royalty or franchise fees required. Stores that have Hallmark Gold Crown exterior signing must sign a Gold Crown Sublicense Agreement with Hallmark, but there are no fees required.


Does Hallmark provide financing to install a Store-in-a-Store?

No, Hallmark does not provide financing.